Storage temperatures may range from less than 0 degrees Fahrenheit up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit; optimal temperatures being around 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid storing our ice products in temperatures greater than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Ice products stored at temperatures exceeding the storage temperature range are at risk of melting or losing shape. If you plan to store ice products over a month, we suggest other storage measures to prevent the ice from sticking together. Ice can be separated with an ice pick gently at the seam if they are stuck together.

Ice stored at the storage temperature range will need time to temper or thaw before adding liquid. Tempering will help prevent the ice from cracking. Depending on the storage temperature, adequate tempering process may take around 60 seconds. The colder the storage temperature, the longer the tempering process will take. Tempered Ice will appear wet whereas non-tempered ice will feel dry.

We offer delivery services at a flat rate throughout Washington, DC as well as the surrounding metropolitan area of Maryland and Virginia. Delivery for our ice products normally takes 5-7 business days after the order is placed. We reserve the right to change the rate at any time without notice and/or decline delivery services at our discretion.

Custom Ice
We want to help you turn your custom ice ideas into reality. The best way to start is by calling us at 202-869-2922 or 703-657-8151. Time needed to manufacture custom orders may vary from normal delivery times depending on the request. We advise at least two weeks notice for all our custom ice products after the order is placed. Let's get started today!


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